Thursday, October 15, 2015

Adventure 3: Officer Jones

Collingwood Police Department
Collingwood, **
Incident Suppliment #9003451 - 1
Report Entered: 10/14/2015 1:52:50

Not for Public Release
Case Title

Role Name                                 Sex                      Age              Race
     JEREAU, JENNIFER              FEMALE            42                CAUCASIAN

Name                                          Sex                      Age              Race
     TENTHS, HEMSON                MALE                36                 ASIAN, CAUCASIAN


On October 14, 2015 at approximately 3:27 pm, I Officer Jones #208 responded to an ECC broadcast for a concealed weapon at Little Tokyo. When I arrived the suspect (6"3, 30-year-old male of possibly Asian descent) had already fled the scene, returning to his apartment at Collingwood Heights. I proceeded to go to his apartment and was invited in and offered a drink. I declined and informed Tenths that he was suspected of carrying a concealed weapon and threatening another person with said weapon.
We were momentarily distracted by a young lady falling off of her apartment balcony, however a bystander called an ambulance shortly after and the incident was dealt with without much hassle.
He confirmed the claims, producing a .357 Magnum Revolver (with a goldfish painted on the grip) and also stated the name of the person (Piper Jardin) he was threatening. When I asked for him to accompany me to the Police Station he laughed for a good seven minutes, but without any resistance.
Upon arrival the suspect asked if I would like to see his license to carry a firearm. I questioned as to why he did not mention that he had a license before hand and he replied that he enjoyed my company and had wanted to remain in it a bit longer. He produced his license from his wallet, proving that he was legally able to carry a concealed weapon.
However the license was under the name of ****** ***** which he explained was because he had changed his name before moving to Collingwood Heights. After searching the name ****** ****** I found him involved in multiple accounts of fraud and embezzlement however nothing in relation to assault or threatening.
He spoke quite constantly for the entirety of his time in our city's holding cell and started seven arguments between other prisoners, goading them into fighting one another. Again, he was never involved in any of the violence, but simply watched.
He was released from the cell on October 15, 2015 at approximately 10:39 am after the other people within the cell asked for him to be released and his charges were dropped after Jardin failed to prove any of the claims against Tenths.

My suggestion to whomever is reading this report is that close eyes should be kept on this man as he not only started multiple altercations out of boredom, but also mentioned other violent incidents that occurred around town with more vigor than is certainly normal.
I had considered telling you all this hilarious story from my own perspective, but I feel like Officer Jones covered all the bases quite nicely! TaTa, my lovelies!
Until my next adventure!

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