Monday, August 10, 2015

Adventure 0: The day started with...

Darkness! The day started with darkness.
Mostly because it wasn't day yet. Not for most people anyway. As far as I'm concerned it's always daytime for me! Well, I mean, for me it's day time when I'm awake, dark or otherwise.
The point is, I was awake at an odd time, 2:00 AM if you'd like specifics (which you should, what's the point of a story without specifics, right? :D), wandering around the lovely city I'd moved into recently.
Now, at this point, you're probably thinking, 'Hemson! You silly McSillington, what are you doing walking the dark and dangerous streets at two in the morning?!'
And since I am a kind and understanding newbie blogger, I happily reply to you, ADVENTURE, my dearest! Discovery in its purest form! Immersing myself in unfamiliar surroundings and enjoying the dizzying vertigo that we all feel upon realizing we are lost!
You see, I liken myself an explorer these days, so you must agree that an avid swashbuckler like moi must familiarize himself with the magical town he'd moved into only two nights ago.
So, I decided at 1:49 AM after a lengthy discussion with my lady love (who also happens to be my profile picture) Flim Flam, to introduce myself to this mystical town that I have the pleasure of calling my home. I pulled on my trench coat and hopped out the door of the 92nd apartment in my complex to make my big debut as Collingwood Heights' resident adventurer!
And what a debut it was! The first thing I did once finally submerged in the refreshing night air, naturally, was scream to the heavens, "Hello World! Hemson Tenths is here to stay!"
To which someone replied with, "Shut the -bleepidtybeep- up!"
I laughed of course, waving in the direction from where I had heard the voice before setting off on my journey down Stanley Rd, eventually turning right onto Baker's St, which I had overheard lead to a charming little lake.
But, charming was not on the menu tonight, dear readers. Nay! Instead of strolling upon the domestic but always pleasurable sight of a calm body of water in the glittering moonlight, I found my self at the scene of a crime! You must be able to imagine my reaction, yes?
Oh, as saddening of a sight as a dead child could be, I couldn't help but jump for joy at the blaring signs of ADVENTURE! Could you imagine a more beautiful and exciting welcome to a brand new town? I think not! Not to mention, I was the first one to see it, besides the Big Bad killer him/herself!
After my exclamation of surprise and excitement, I pulled out my phone preparing to tell bestest of all besties (I'd tell you his name, but that'd defeat the purpose of why I moved here T-T) of this super awesome news! But, upon tapping open my empty contacts list I belatedly realized that I could not tell my bestest of all besties this super awesome news. In fact, I cannot tell my bestest of all besties even slightly awesome news.
I can never speak to him again.
But, after finally recovering from my Debby Downers, I thought to myself, 'Who am I to tell this super awesome news?!"
After all, one cannot keep such valuable information to himself! It would be a selfish deed to remain silent about an event of this magnitude! I would know, because there's only one thing I love more than adventure (besides my little miss Flim Flam) and that's sharing info.
And then the idea struck me like lightening, nearly sending me careening to the ground in my sudden bolt of genius. I could hippity hop myself onto the internet and tell any and all of this beautiful encounter I've happened upon!
Which leads me to where I currently am, typing up this most interesting event to share with you lovelies. And, while some of you are most probably scratching your noggins in confusion as to why I would ever think this news would be of any interest or relevance to you, I can happily say that the right people (you know who you are ;D) will get this info and know just what to do with it! And if you do happen to be one of those people and you're interested in hearing the details of this little escapade of mine, feel free to just ask and y'know maybe be ready to share a couple little tidbits of info of your own.
So, as I listen to the bangity thumpites of the reconstruction happening two floors above my apartment, I bid you good bye.
Until my next adventure!